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Stay Power Independent Now: A Zendure SuperBase V Review

Whether you are a tech enthusiast or an outdoor adventure junkie, the Zendure SuperBase V power station is sure to get your attention. In this review, we will dive deep into the features of this device and see if it lives up to its hype.

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With 10 years of experience in the electric industry and 2 years specifically in portable power stations, portablepowerstationreport.com have investigated over 300 models and unboxed over 100. I’m confident that my experience can help you find out the right portable power station for you.

Zendure SuperBase V Review Summary









We Like

  • Massive Power – 6.4 to 64kWh Scalable Capacity
  • Fast Recharge in 1 Hour
  • Run High Power Appliances Simultaneously-AC Output:3800W to 7600w

We Don't Like

  • Heavy
  • Expensive


Say goodbye to the days of being tethered to a wall outlet like a prisoner and hello to the freedom of the open road with the Zendure SuperBase V power station. This portable powerhouse is the perfect companion for all your charging needs, whether you’re a digital nomad, an adventurer, or just someone who can never seem to find an available outlet. With its high capacity battery, you’ll have the power to charge multiple devices multiple times, ensuring that your devices stay juiced up and ready to go, no matter where life takes you.

From $ 3,699.00

Who Zendure SuperBase V Power Station Is For?

Power Independence

Emergency Backup

Electric Vehicle

Outdoor Life

RV Life

Electric power plays a crucial role in outdoor and RV life. Whether you’re camping in the wilderness, exploring a national park, or living on the road, access to reliable and convenient power sources is essential for modern life. From charging smartphones and laptops to powering lights and appliances, electricity is a necessity for many aspects of outdoor and RV life. Without it, you may find yourself without the means to communicate, work, or even cook a meal.


Many power station can help your outdoor life and RV life. But Zendure SuperBase V power station can work more than that.


Zendure SuperBase V power station is indeed a home energy storage system that aims to provide a user-friendly and customizable solution for managing energy in a home. With its plug-and-play design, it can be easily integrated into a home’s electrical system without the need for complicated installations or modifications. The focus on user-centric design and the use of cutting-edge technology make the Zendure SuperBase V a unique and innovative solution for home energy storage. By setting a new standard for home energy storage, the Zendure SuperBase V provides a comprehensive and efficient way to manage energy and increase energy independence in a home.

Zendure SuperBase V power station can play an important role as an emergency backup power source. In scenarios such as running a grocery store or a fish farm, power outages can result in significant losses and financial damage. With the Zendure SuperBase V, you can ensure that you have a backup power source ready to go in the event of a power outage. Whether you need to keep essential appliances and equipment running, or maintain a safe and controlled environment for your products, the Zendure SuperBase V provides a reliable source of backup power. By having this backup power source, you can minimize the impact of power outages and protect your business from costly losses.

Zendure SuperBase V power station has the capability to charge electric vehicles (EVs). With its high capacity battery and multiple charging ports, it can be used to charge an EV’s battery and provide a convenient source of power when charging stations are not available. This can be especially useful for those who have limited access to charging stations, or for those who want to ensure they have a backup power source in case of an emergency. The Zendure SuperBase V can help increase the mobility and range of an electric vehicle, making it an essential tool for those who want to take their EVs on extended trips or who want to ensure they have a reliable source of power when they need it.

Zendure SuperBase V Power Station Specification

Zendure SuperBase V Power Station
Battery Capacity
6,438 Wh
4608 Wh
Battery Type
Semi-Solid State
AC Output
1,800W 120V;3.600W 240V
130 LB/59 KG
121 LB/55 KG
Dimensions (LxWxD):
28.7×13.6×17.4 INCH/ 73×32×44.7 CM

Price From $ 3,699.00

How Zendure SuperBase V Power Station Help Your Life?

Battery Capacity up to 64kWh:

This power station is no joke – with an incredible capacity of up to 64kWh, this portable powerhouse won’t let you down. The Zendure Superbase V power station is designed specifically for those who need enough juice to run a small palace (or at least a few mini fridges). With an impressively large battery life, you’ll never be left in the dark again!

AC Output up to 7600W:
Supporting benefit: Zendure Superbase V Power Station allows you to seamlessly and rapidly charge all of your items at once, from the smallest device all the way to the largest appliance. The station features an AC output up to 7600W—enough current for simultaneous charging using up to eight outlets or two PD ports. You’ll be able to maximize your time while ensuring that all of your electronics are charged and ready-to-go.

Dual Voltage 120V/240V:

Zendure SuperBase V power station’s patented GridFlow 2.0 Real-Time Bidirectional Inverting Technology allows it to provide both 120V and 240V outputs from a single base unit, making it suitable for powering both residential and commercial appliances and power tools. This high-voltage output capability sets the Zendure SuperBase V apart from other energy storage systems on the market, making it an ideal solution for homes or worksites that require high-voltage power. Additionally, the ability to provide 240V on the road makes the Zendure SuperBase V an ideal companion for worksites, providing a convenient and portable source of high-voltage power. The combination of high-voltage output, portability, and user-friendly design make the Zendure SuperBase V a valuable addition to any worksite or home.

Recharge Max-6,600W:

Zendure SuperBase V power station has a maximum recharge rate of 6600W, which means it can be fully charged in as little as 1 hour. This high recharge rate is achieved through the use of a powerful AC charger and fast charging technology, making it possible to quickly and efficiently replenish the power station’s battery. This fast recharge time is ideal for those who need to quickly recharge the Zendure SuperBase V and get back to using it. Whether you’re using it for backup power, charging electronic devices, or powering appliances, the fast recharge time of the Zendure SuperBase V makes it a convenient and efficient solution for your power needs.

What People Think of Zendure SuperBase V?

Zendure SuperBase V Power Station Alternative

Price:$ 3,699.00


SuperBase V can accept solar power through the XT90 port or the AC input.

SuperBase V has one MPPT to accept solar power through the XT90 port. We are currently evaluating new products that will include 2 MPPT inputs and 2 MPPT outputs.

SuperBase V6400 uses semi-solid state batteries with a total charge capacity of 6,438Wh, while SuperBase V4600 uses LFP (LiFePO4) batteries and has a charge capacity of 4,608Wh.

3,000+ cycles for SuperBase V6400 SSS version and 6,000+ cycles for SuperBase V4600 LFP.

The LFP and SSS versions of SuperBase V both have 3,800W rated power and 5,000W peak power. (7,600W when connected 2 SuperBase V)

Yes, two SuperBase V’s can be connected together using either our Home Panel or the ZenY cable, doubling the rated output power to 7,600W.

No, a SuperBase V system should be configured with only semi-solid-state components or only LFP components.

The US model of SuperBase V can switch to battery power with 0ms of downtime to its AC output port. Other models and other connections will see less than 13ms of interruption.

For each SuperBase V, you can link up to 4 Satellite Batteries. A system can include up to two SuperBase V’s working in tandem, with a maximum of 4 Satellite Batteries total.

Satellite Batteries can directly stack on each other without cable. To connect a Satellite battery to SuperBase V, the included battery cable is the only connection required.

Our Satellite batteries are an excellent companion to SuperBase V to increase your system’s capacity, but they also have their own independent DC input and output capabilities that allow them to function as standalone units as well. Similarly, while the Moon is Earth’s companion as a natural satellite, it can shine independently and has its own charm.

Our Home Panel is a transfer switch and more. It’s also a fast-charging dock for SuperBase V and features two EV charging outlets.

Zendure’s Home Panel should be installed by a licensed electrician with the proper qualifications. Instructions will be provided soon.

Yes, the system can respond to commands given through a paired Amazon Alexa or Google Home device.

You can use a ZenY Cable to connect 2 two SuperBase V’s together for higher output (up to 7,200W) and then connect them to a regular transfer switch. It’s currently available for the US version.

Yes, SuperBase V can be charged by third-party solar panels with voltage ranging from 12V to 150V; Zendure’s 400W Solar Panel and 320W Rigid Solar Panel have been thoroughly tested with SuperBase V and remain our recommendation.

14-50 plug for Type 1 (J1772) connector with 5-15 plug and 6-20 plug adapter cables; CEE 32 plug for Type 2 (Tennekes) with EU plug, UK plug and AU plug adatper cables.

Using the EV T1 Adapter, you can charge SuperBase V via a Type 1 EV charger. It’s also a convenient way for European Standard vehicles to charge from devices that have an American Standard charging connector.

Like traditional smart plugs, the Satellite Plug can be used to remotely turn devices on or off. Together with the Home Panel system, our Satellite Plugs achieve their true potential, providing insight and tools to manage your home’s power.

The Battery Mounting Bracket is designed to secure our Satellite Expansion Batteries inside a moving vehicle.


Zendure SuperBase V power station is indeed a high-value, high-price product that is ideal for a wide range of applications. Its versatility and user-friendly design make it an ideal choice for those who value power independence, emergency backup, electric vehicle charging, outdoor life, and RV life. The combination of high-quality components, advanced technology, and innovative design make the Zendure SuperBase V a premium product that offers a high level of performance and reliability. Although the high price may be a consideration for some, those who invest in the Zendure SuperBase V will enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive and efficient energy storage solution that can meet their diverse power needs. Whether you need a reliable source of backup power, a convenient way to charge your EV, or a way to power your outdoor adventures, the Zendure SuperBase V has you covered.