BLUETTI company information

Is BLUETTI an American company?-Bluetti Company Information

In the tech world, there are few companies that have been as buzz-worthy in recent years as BLUETTI. Everyone from tech-savvy millennials to busy homemakers is talking about the potential of this brand and its products. But one question continues to come up: Is BLUETTI an American company? In this article, we’ll take a look at the company’s history, its current operations, and what it means for customers who want to support American businesses.

Bluetti,A Company Name or Brand Name?

Bluetti is an US trademark with serial number 97662051,97408739,88302711 and 88302709. They are all owned by Shenzhen Poweroak Newener Co.,Ltd limited company (ltd.) CHINA, a portable power station in China.

Is Bluetti an American company?

From the public information,the answer is No.

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